Terms of Use

Forrester™ provides various small business and brand management services under the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be altered by Forrester™ periodically, hence, we request you to carefully study the terms of use form intermittently. When you do any business with Forrester™ you are hereby complying with our terms of use. To know more about Forrester™ terms of use, please read our privacy policy carefully.


All content that you find on Forrester™ website, including the text, graphics, logos, and anything else that you may come across is the property of Forrester™ and as such has been protected by national and international copyright laws. All rights are reserved. Further, this copyright statement works in conjunction with any other copyright statements that can be found on this website.


All items that are trademarked on the website, including service marks, graphics, logos, designs, etc., are the registered and unregistered trademarks of Forrester™. Once you agree to do business with Forrester™, you also agree that you will not attribute any information, as mediums like press releases or website materials, to Forrester™ for the purposes of advertising or promotional use. In addition, you will not use any such information to inform or influence a third party, and you will not take information for your own purposes, nor imply endorsements or relationships with a trademark of Forrester™.

Use of Site Content

Forrester™ grants you a non-transferable license to access to download and print one copy of the content displayed on its website. This should solely be done for business purposes and cannot be transferred for third party use. However, you don’t have the right to modify the content in any way. The copyrights and other proprietary notices remain. With this license, you agree that you will not otherwise reproduce, modify, distribute, post or disclose any site content without the written consent of Forrester™. This use of site statement works in conjunction with any other use of site statements that can be found on this site.

User Postings

Once you agree to do any business with Forrester™, you acknowledge and agree that Forrester™ has ownership as well as the unrestricted right to use, publish and exploit any information you publish on the site. This includes postings, survey responses and all other texts you release. Further, you waive any claims made against Forrester™ for any alleged or actual infringements of rights to privacy or publicity, moral rights or rights of attribution that can be connected to Forrester™ use and publication of said postings. You also agree to never post anything that is of obscene, libelous or defamatory nature. You must never encourage any conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, bring about civil obligation, or in any way violate law. Postings cannot at all infringe upon intellectual property, privacy or rights of any third party members, or contain advertising or viruses and other destructive elements. Finally, postings cannot constitute or contain false or misleading statements. Forrester™ is not obligated to review all content posted on the website and hence cannot be held responsible for any such information. But, Forrester™ reserves the right to remove any information for any reason necessary, especially something in opposition of the above rules.

Notices of Infringement and Take Down by Forrester™

Forrester™ does not allow the publication of any information that infringes upon or violates the copyright information and any intellectual property rights of any individual or entity. If you have reason to believe your intellectual property rights are being infringed upon by any content on Forrester™, please correspond with us on the address given below. Please ensure that your letter includes a statement that identifies the copyrighted work or reference to the infringement of any intellectual property rights. Also include information that identifies the allegedly infringing material that has been requested for removal, along with your name, address, phone number and an email address at which we can contact you. Finally, include the signature of the owner of the intellectual property right who asserts there has been an infringement on rights. Forrester™ reserves the right to take down any information that infringes on such rights under U.S. law. U.S. law submits grand penalties for false statements. People who repeatedly submit infringing material will be prohibited from submitting any other postings. Please contact the legal department of Forrester™ at: Forrester Corporation™, Rockefeller Center, 610 5th Avenue. New York, NY 10020.


Forrester™ provides you with content with the understanding that Forrester™ will not be held responsible in the interpretation of professional advice and services to you. All content provided by Forrester™ has been given as is without a warranty expressed or implied, and this does not limit warranties of merchantability and fitness. Forrester™ and third party providers have no warranties. Therefore, Forrester™ is not liable or responsible for any information that might be published on linked sites, in user submissions, or published by a third party. Neither the third party nor Forrester™ will be held responsible for any damages or losses that may occur.

Third-Party Websites

Forrester™ might include links to third party sites within its own site pages. However, Forrester™ is not responsible for any of these third party sites. These sites will be governed by the third party’s terms of use and privacy policies, not our own.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Forrester™ users who are located in the United States, our terms are governed by the state of New York. All law information can be found under New York’s jurisdiction.