Privacy Policy

Your Security is our responsibility.

Forrester™ honors and values your right to privacy. These days there’s limitless information circulating widely, which is why we ensure that we only keep and use your personal information for its intended purposes. In order for our business relationship to grow and become more trustworthy, we make sure of some of the information given to us by you is accurate and complete.

Forrester™ shares it’s products with you, processing your purchases, and providing support. We also regularly update you with the company’s news without ever compromising your personal details.

Forrester™ is required by law to protect our customers, the companies we work with, and the public as well as Forrester™. Hence we assure you optimum safety and security at all times. In case you have any queries or questions, you can reach Forrester™ at any time. You are also entitled to request the removal or modification of any information that you have provided. We use all appropriate measures and processes abiding by all the laws to ensure that your privacy is closely guarded. This statement communicates the privacy guidelines for Forrester™ and all its family of companies.

Once you start working with Forrester™, you will have to provide us with various types of information. Some of the basic information that will be required are your name, age, telephone number, credit card details, home address, office address, email address as well various sorts of identification. In certain circumstances, your Social Security number might be required. We will ask you for permission when we are looking for any extra information.

Forrester™ ensures that every piece of information received from you is kept confidential. We only use this information to help and support our clients. Forrester™ encourages you to find the best deals, products and plans from our website. The Forrester™ staff members who have access to your personal information are required to abide by our privacy policy at all times. They are strictly prohibited to use your personal information anywhere but within Forrester™. In terms of fraud, regulation, legal action, or in cooperation with law enforcement, Forrester™ will be required to disclose this type of information.

Forrester™ values each and every client. Hence, we believe that it is our responsibility to protect the private information that we collect from you. By submitting your information to Forrester™ in return for our services, you are agreeing to this privacy policy. For online policies and more information, search the Forrester™ website for the terms of use.